Maggie’s Milkman is a lighthearted novel consisting of sketches of the South Wales working class life seen through the eyes of a Tory voting milkman. It is a mixture of comedy and social history, with a serious commentary on a painful period of economic, political and social change.

Tell us a little about the book?
The book is the story of a young milkman in the South Wales valleys who is a bit of a ladies’ man. He is also supporter of Maggie Thatcher despite living in a strong anti-Thatcher area. We follow him during the early Eighties when Thatcher’s policies are having a profound effect on his community. But actually that is simplistic, the story is also about Gwen who is one of Mal’s lovers and the turmoil she goes through and about the socio-economic impact of Thatcher’s policies.

Where did you get the idea from?
Living with someone who is not from the same cultural background as you have you both explaining little cutlural nuances that the other person does’t understand. At one stage I said Who’s your father the milkman? This is an old playground taunt that we used to use as the cliche of the milkman was that he enjoyed his time with lonely housewives. From explaining that, the story grew.

Why did you self-publish?
Getting published is a lottery, it is more a matter of chance than talent. Digital publishing allows authors to do it themselves, put it out there. It is like a cottage industry, if people like it, they can get it, but if I wait for a publisher then maybe it will never be available. I would love one day to have a paper copy of the book but what is more important is that people get a chance to read it.

Why are you charging for the story?
There are a few reasons. I said it was like a cottage industry. If I started a cottage business making cakes or jewellery you wouldn’t expect me to give my product away. You might not expect to pay as much as something sold in a shop but you would still expect to pay something. Aslo I think when things are free people don’t value them. Take those free guides you get in hotels, Budapest in your Pocket etc. When do you take that seriously? If you pay then you are more likely to read it.

If you make money will you start charging for the blog?
No the short stories will always be free and available here, I might make them available as an ebook at some stage and I might charge a nominal amount but they will always be free on the website.

Are there anymore books in the pipeline?
Yes I have two nearly ready to go, one about a Disc Jockey in a small seaside town in Wales and the other about someone who is taken away by the secret police.

Details of where to buy Maggie’s Milkman 
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  1. "Maggie´s Milkman" is really great! Have you finished the book about Disc Jockey or the other about someone who is taken away by the secret police? If yes, where can I buy it? Thanks a lot for your reply.