The Writer Busker

My thoughts on Self-Publishing.
Someone said to me when I told them about Maggie’s Milkman, ah you’re self published that’s not real. Okay here’s my answer.
I think of myself as a writer-busker and self-publishing is my pavement.
Musicians don’t need a record deal or a promoter to get their music out there, they just need a busking license and a hat.
Many people walk by without paying a penny but if people like what they hear, they drop money into the hat.
I do the same, I make my work available for you to decide.
Like a busker, I actually give away a huge amount of my work on my short story blog and as a sample of Maggie’s Milkman.
If you like what you read, then I ask you to drop 3 pounds into my hat.
I’m a professional writer, I am trying to make a living out of something I love doing.
I see self-publishing as a way of making my work available in a very conservative industry, an industry that through layers of agents and publishers is only interested in certainties not gambles.
Just like you might walk by a busker without digging your hand in your pocket, feel free to skim over this post, but if you like what I do, would like to see more short stories, novels, etc, then please spare a pound or three in return for my work.
Thank you. 

If you agree with this, then please check out my novel.  Click here for more details.
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